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        Frequently Asked Questions

        I'm having trouble setting up my device for the first time. Now what?

        Common set-up problems include:

        1. Poor WiFi reception in the area of your home where you are attempting to connect. Simply move closer to your router or an area with better reception. 

        2. I don't know how to scan a QR Code. Open the camera app on your phone and hold your phone over the funny looking picture on the device screen. Your phone will automatically scan the code and suggest a website. Click on the suggested link and it will bring you to our app page.

        3. The supplied cable doesn't plug into my phone. The cable is not meant for your phone. The cable is to connect the Statfeedr device to your phone charger so it can be charged through an electrical outlet. The small end of the cable plugs into the device and the larger USB end plugs into any USB compatible charger. The charger then plugs into an electrical outlet.

        After entering my WiFi password in the configuration app it gets stuck "Waiting for device to connect to Wi-Fi". What do I do?

        Simply terminate the configuration app, unplug your StatFeedr device from the charger, wait 10 seconds, reconnect your device to the charger and re-launch the configuration app. You will get a new 4 digit code on the display and can proceed with the setup as before.  If the problem persists reach out to 

        I have no idea what I’m doing and don’t know where to start. Now what?

        Watch the step-by-step instructional video below. If you have any questions or problems, email us at


        After initial set-up, what else is required to make my StatFeedr work properly?

        Nothing. StatFeedr will update after every game.

        Does my StatFeedr require updates?

        No. After the initial set-up, no additional work is required. StatFeedr will receive updates automatically as long as it remains connected to your WiFi. You don’t need to do anything except enjoy it.

        Will my StatFeedr work away from home?

        No. StatFeedr updates thru a home WiFi connection. Removing it from your home or out of the WiFi range will terminate the connection.

        Does my StatFeedr need to stay plugged in?

        No. We recommend that you plug in your StatFeedr for at least 6 hours after the initial set-up to charge the battery. After that it can be unplugged and placed anywhere.  

        How often should I charge the battery?

        Every 3 months or if your device fails to update after a game.

        Why didn’t my StatFeedr update after the last game?

        The #1 reason for failing to update is low battery. Charge it and StatFeedr will update automatically. If it doesn’t, make sure your WiFi is working.

        Why don’t I see my favorite player available for puck or puck holder purchases?

        Players are added based on demand. Hit us up on social media and let us know which players to add next.