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        Founders' Notes — social media

        Twitter Logo Hashtags for Every NHL Team

        Twitter Logo Hashtags for Every NHL Team

        If you use Twitter as a fan or as a business to talk all things NHL Hockey then you know there is an endless list of hashtags you can tag your content with. You may have noticed, however, that some hashtags on Twitter have a cool logo next to them while others are just plain ol' boring text hashtags. For instance, here is a recent tweet that uses a couple of hashtags related to the Philadelphia Flyers.


        Notice how the #LetsGoFlyers hashtag is plain text while the #BringItToBroad hashtag has the Flyers logo next to it. That logo is something Twitter adds automatically when you use the #BringItToBroad hashtag on a tweet. Depending on the Twitter client you use you may not see it at the time you compose the tweet but if you use that exact hashtag Twitter will automatically show the team logo next to it in most apps. Pretty cool right? 

        The problem is, #LetsGoFlyers used to be the logo hashtag for the Flyers. Sometimes teams change their logo hashtag between seasons so how is one to keep up. Well, never fear, that's what this blog post is for. Below is the current list of all 32 NHL team hashtags which include a team logo. Use them to up your #HockeyTwitter game. 

        • #GoAvsGo - Colorado Avalanche
        • #Blackhawks - Chicago Blackhawks
        • #CBJ - Columbus Blue Jacket
        • #stlblues = St. Louis Blues
        • #NHLBruins - Boston Bruins
        • #GoHabsGo - Montreal Canadiens
        • #Canucks - Vancouver Canucks
        • #ALLCAPS - Washington Capitals
        • #Yotes - Arizona Coyotes
        • #NJDevils - New Jersey Devils
        • #FlyTogether - Anaheim Ducks
        • #Flames - Calgary Flames
        • #BringItToBroad - Philadelphia Flyers
        • #VegasBorn - Vegas Golden Knights
        • #LetsGoCanes - Carolina Hurricanes
        • #Isles - New York Islanders
        • #GoJetsGo - Winnipeg Jets
        • #GoKingsGo - Los Angeles Kings
        • #SeaKraken - Seattle Kraken
        • #GoBolts - Tampa Bay Lightning
        • #LeafsForever - Toronto Maple Leafs
        • #LetsGoOilers - Edmonton Oilers
        • #TimeToHunt - Florida Panthers
        • #LetsGoPens - Pittsburgh Penguins
        • #Preds - Nashville Predators
        • #NYR - New York Rangers
        • #LGRW - Detroit Red Wings
        • #LetsGoBuffalo - Buffalo Sabres
        • #GoSensGo - Ottawa Senators
        • #SJSharks - San Jose Sharks
        • #TexasHockey - Dallas Stars
        • #mnwild - Minnesota Wild 

        Remember to also use the #HockeyTwitter hashtag on your content as well. You'll notice it has it's own custom image too!

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